The Efforts of BJP cannot defeat the truth :- Kumari Selja

 The Dream of corrupt BJP has been shattered by the order of the Supreme Court:-Kumari Selja
 The Efforts of BJP cannot defeat the truth :- Kumari Selja
 The Supreme Court has refused to halt the investigation into the farmer's death:-Kumari Selja

 The People of the country have united against the government through the Bharat Nyay Yatra:-Kumari Selja
The BJP is violating democratic values:-Kumari Selja

Chandigarh, 2nd, April.

The General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee, former Union Minister, former President of Haryana Congress, and in-charge of Uttarakhand, Kumari Selja said that the victory of truth has once again marked its indomitable presence. The Supreme Court, through its decisive order, has clarified that the freeze on the bank accounts of Congress should be lifted until the election, clearly indicating that truth ultimately prevails no matter the effort. This decision has also shattered the corrupt BJP's dream of preventing the country's oldest party from contesting elections, showcasing that the path of truth always remains open. In a statement released to the media, Kumari Selja said that the opposing forces, which were trying to suppress the voice of democracy, must understand that the roots of democracy are so deep that these malicious efforts cannot even slightly disturb them. This verdict is a lesson for the BJP government that their political tricks will not stand against the power of the people. Selja said that the BJP government is not holding back any steps to suppress Congress, indicating that the BJP is scared of the increasing popularity of Congress. The unity of the country's populace against the government through Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo and Bharat Nyay Yatra shows that the people are aware that BJP has given nothing but corruption, nepotism, unemployment, and inflation. The authoritarian government wants to suppress the voice of its opponents by misusing government agencies. The government will face the consequences of these actions in the election. She said that the public has complete trust and faith in the judiciary. The dream of the corrupt Bjp has been shattered by the orders of the Supreme Court. Selja said that the Haryana government wanted to run away from the judicial inquiry into the death of the protesting farmer, Shubhkaran Singh, at the Punjab border during the farmer's movement. This is why the Haryana government sought refuge in the Supreme Court to halt the High Court's decision, but the court, upon hearing, refused to impose any halt. The court stated that oversight by a panel led by a retired judge would bring fairness and transparency to the case. Kumari Selja questioned why the government is running away from a judicial inquiry if it is right. She said that it is because of the country's judiciary that people's rights are protected, otherwise, this authoritarian government has left no stone unturned in oppressing and exploiting the public.

Photo:-Kumari Selja.

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